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Prayer to Go is a ministry of UnveilinGLORY, which teaches Cat and Dog Theology. A “Cat” prays self-centered prayers, while a “Dog” focuses on God’s glory in their prayers.

We’ve created 20 examples of self-centered prayers for you to change into God-centered ones. After you’ve changed the Cat Prayer into a Dog Prayer, you can click on the link to see how we would change it and why.


Prayer #1

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, please help our son behave during these teenage years, He’s hanging around the wrong kind of people and his habits with language and other things is going downhill. We’ve invested so much in him and had such high expectations, but he seems to be falling so short of what we hoped for.”

Dog Prayer: Lord, please help our son to live in righteousness during these critical years. This is the time when so many young people forgot Your Word and they begin to slip from Your character. If he follows after his friends instead of Christ, how can he live for You? Please don’t allow him to bring rebuke upon Your great and holy name… make him a warrior, a servant and a minister for Your kingdom.

Our Analysis
The first prayer isn’t wrong – we all want the best for our children, but it IS incomplete for it never brings God into the picture. The second prayer motivates God to intervene for the sake of His own name and reputation… and it shows that this is the parent’s greater concern too. The second prayer is primarily concerned about God’s glory while the first is concerned primarily about the son’s behavior.
Prayer #2

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, our marriage really isn’t what I dreamed of… my husband doesn’t seem to love me like he used to, I don’t trust him, he’s still drinking, his language is foul and he doesn’t respect me. Is this what you had in mind for me? I just want to be happy again – maybe find someone new. I know I’ve been taught that divorce is wrong, but I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

Dog Prayer: Lord, our marriage isn’t what you purposed when you designed it. In our present condition we certainly aren’t showing the world anything good about your relationship with the church. I’m afraid that we are disrespecting you – and passing a false idea in the minds of others about you. Please help me to love my husband the way Christ loved the world, even when the world considered Him an enemy. Please help my husband to remember You and may the Holy Spirit bring conviction on him to desire holiness for your name’s sake… and remind me when it’s needed that I’m not the Holy Spirit – it’s not my responsibility to convict or nag. God, do whatever’s necessary to make our home one that “honors the Lord” that others may see you through us.

Our Analysis
The first prayer is primarily concerned about the wife’s own well-being. Her desire is motivated by her husbands short-comings and her own lack of happiness. The second prayer is motivated by a concern for God’s use and purposes of marriage – to show Himself to the world. The second prayer shows her allowing herself to be used by God even when her husband isn’t perfect – she can use this to relate to Christ’s own experiences. Finally, the second prayer shows the wife’s focus is on God and His reputation and asks God to use the Holy Spirit for what He promised it would do.
Prayer #3

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“God, please help our church to grow. Other churches all around us seem to be growing and our Pastor is so set in his ways, we won’t attract any new people. Our budget is weak, our leaders are old, our music is stodgy and I just don’t get anything out of the sermons.”

Dog Prayer: God, please use our church to reach more people for Your kingdom. May we become so awe-struck with your glory, your majesty and your awesomeness – that we can’t contain ourselves. May the joy of you show itself in our leaders, in our pastor’s messages and in me, that it will become contagious throughout our community… and with that, we’ll have new resources to reach other communities and other peoples for Your kingdom!

Our Analysis
The first prayer shows a personal discontent and unhappiness by the pray-er… and it seeks to remedy the situation by asking God to “fix” everyone else. The second prayer doesn’t put blame on anyone, rather it is asking God to move primarily for His own purposes. The first prayer seeks God’s help in establishing that church’s own kingdom – The second prayer shows a desire for the church the be what God designed it for – to establish His Kingdom.

Prayer #4

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, I’ve given up so much to serve as a Pastor, you know how much I wanted to passionately proclaim your Word! I’ve given several years to the people here and they just don’t seem to “get it”. I’m out late, have to be at church early to open up, my wife feels like she’s living in the proverbial fish bowl, my kids are always looked at with criticism… this isn’t what I expected life in the ministry to be like. I could have had a regular job like everybody else…. I would enjoy my weekends off… and I wouldn’t mind a merit-based raise without having to go through 3 committees and an inquisition to get one! Lord, would you let me move on to somewhere I’m appreciated more… or let me go back to the normal workforce?”

Dog Prayer: Lord, while I gave up a lot of worldly things to do ministry, it was nothing when I compare what you gave up to come here to Earth where the very ones you loved seemed to despise you. Would you use my circumstances to help me relate to you? — Would you help me to understand your heart and show it to those I’m serving. The temptation to go elsewhere is always present, but my desire is to please you with every day you give me. Give me a heart like yours – so I desire to “feed your sheep”. If you don’t move me from here, give me wisdom and a gentle boldness to guide my family through the difficult times so they can cope with it without resentment.

Our Analysis
The first prayer may be something too many pastors can empathize with and to them this is truly a passionate prayer. But a passionate prayer isn’t the same as a powerful prayer. The first prayer focuses on the person praying and the heartaches & troubled times they are experiencing… but the prayer is for themselves. The second prayer seeks to learn from the difficulty and hopes to use it to relate to what God Himself experienced. In doing that, there is a heart-felt desire to be content, to rely on God and to desire what God desires. Naturally, it involves a prayer for the family too, but it’s centered on how the family can display a godly character rather than rebelling against the church, the people or God Himself.
Prayer #5

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“God, I can’t believe our church’s denomination is headed in the direction that it is. It appears that we’re going to split and we’ll be two separate denominations or we’ll stay as we are and keep the in-fighting going. The current opposition within our ranks is going to kill all we’ve worked for and been devoted to for so long. It seems that we’re becoming the laughing-stock of the Christian community instead of maintaining the strengths we’ve developed over the past generations.”

Dog Prayer: God, our denomination seems to be coming apart at the seams. The in-fighting we’re experiencing isn’t anything new to you, You’ve seen it throughout the ages. At times like this our actions are being ridiculed and that does more harm than good to your kingdom. This denomination has built a strong reputation for your name and now that is in danger… our outreach is stunted and we won’t be able to rightly represent you to bring you more praise. God, work in our leaders and work in me to maintain a Christ-like spirit of humility without compromising your Word or standards.

Our Analysis
The first prayer show a concern for the well-being of the denomination and a desire to maintain all it’s heritage stood for. It shows a hurt for their own reputation… but nothing for God’s reputation. It’s almost as if there is an unspoken assumption that the denomination is the most important thing. The second prayer puts things in proper perspective by understanding it’s God’s reputation, not the denominations that is hurting. It goes on to show an understanding that their own well-being is not to come at the expense of God’s standards.


Prayer #6

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, would you open another job opportunity for me. I don’t get any respect here and I’m not making enough money to pay our debts. I hear so many stories of how you’ve blessed others with better positions and more money and I’d like to be successful too. I want my parents to be proud of me and I want to give my family the life and opportunities we’ve all dreamed of. Besides, there are no other Christians here besides me.”

Dog Prayer: Lord, I don’t know if you want me to stay here or look for some other opportunity – but I do know I want whatever I do to glorify You. Whether I have a lot – or little – doesn’t matter to me as much as using every life experience as an opportunity to bring greater glory to you. With so few Christians here, I’m willing to serve you as a ‘missionary’ and example to them – but God I need you to stake a greater claim on my life, my attitudes and my desires so I can do that. On the other hand, if you want me to go elsewhere so I can find strength and encouragement from others, I’m willing to do that too. All I know at the moment is that I’m struggling and want to find my peace, my joy and my strength in you… Cause me to be content with what I have, grateful for all You provide and to live my life, wherever I am, as a testimony for you to those I work with, as well as my family.

Our Analysis
The first prayer is certainly self-centered by showing a greater desire for money and fruit of success than anything for God. The pray-er assumes that because He is a minority in the place he works that this must not have anyplace in God’s will. He’s so consumed with what he wants that he can’t imagine God might want him right where he is. The second prayer submits the pray-er’s will to that of God’s and wants God to work through Him. The second prayer concentrates on a relationship with God and being used by God.

Prayer #7

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, you’ve told me to tell you the desires of my heart, so I’m here to ask for your favor on our football team. We haven’t had a winning season in recent history and this is my last year at this school. God can’t we have a winning season just once?! I mean, I don’t want to look like a fool on the field or in front of my classmates – we practice just like all the other teams, but we don’t seem to get anywhere. Lord, there’s still the rest of this summer to move some other families into our town – maybe that would be a good way for you to bring in some new talent – some new blood that would help us excel…

Dog Prayer: Lord, you’ve told me to tell you about the things that really bother me and I’m a bit ashamed of what it is. The football team you allowed me to play on doesn’t have much of a reputation, but Lord, as much as I want to be a warrior on the field – I realize that I’m not much of a warrior in spirit either. If you want to use this season to teach us something about humility, then teach us and make us able learners. If you want to us it to teach us how to handle victory with a spirit of humbleness, then do that. Either way, just use this team, this season, this coach, our school — and even me to draw us more and more dependent upon you. The season will quickly come and then it will quickly go – but our relationship with you will be eternal. Just help us all to use the gifts and abilities you’ve given us to our utmost that we may honor you with all we have and all we do.

Our Analysis
The first prayer is obviously concerned with how the pray-er is seen by others… how they feel, and what their reputation will be like. To some degree the prayer is also being used to make suggestions to God as to how He can make things work — as though the creator of the universe needs a little guidance! The second prayer is focused on learning character – godly character. The second prayer understands that the prayer can be used for that which is eternal, rather than selfish and fleeting. The second prayer begins to show understanding that God may work either way, but they can benefit from whichever God decides to do… and it leaves that decision up to God.

Prayer #8

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“God, how can this be happening to America? I mean we’ve been in this war for years now and we still don’t see an end in sight! Our leaders and our military are the best in the world, yet we’re floundering and the world either hates us or mocks us. Our young men and women are dying and those we’re doing it for don’t even appreciate it. God, you have blessed our country – don’t abandon us now! Give us leaders who can get us out of there… and protect our young men and women.”

Dog Prayer: God, our young men and women are fighting for a cause in another land. Whether or not to continue there is causing a split among our own citizens. I realize that America isn’t really a Christian nation like it used to be – but, Lord that’s the way other countries see us. For that reason don’t let us do anything to bring ridicule upon You. Give our leaders wisdom.. give our generals wisdom and may our soldiers act in a way that doesn’t bring mocking upon you. May our cause and our actions be just – and when they are not, correct us, but don’t abandon us so that others may despise Your name.

Our Analysis
The first prayer is certainly patriotic wanting victory and assuming that the pray-er knows what is best, maybe even assuming that you are always on our side no matter what is happening. But the second prayer, while recognizing various outlooks among us – it also recognizes that God’s name may be on the line and what we do may reflect upon His holy name. It admits that we may be right and we may be wrong at varying times, but it pleads with God to champion us when we’re right and correct us when we’re wrong… for His sake, not our own.

Prayer #9

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, why am I still alone? I’m not the prettiest girl in the world, but I’m not so bad that no one would have me! I’m tired of going home alone, watching TV alone and cooking for one. I’m sick of not having stories to tell the other girls at work about how fantastic my “boyfriend” or lover is… and I’m weary of making excuses at family reunions as to why I’m not seeing anyone. God, even you said it wasn’t good for us to be alone… please give me someone to ease this seemingly impossible situation.”

Dog Prayer: Lord, I don’t understand why you haven’t brought the person who will complete me into my life. Until you bring him, let me learn and do all that I can for you. I remember you saying that someone who is single can concentrate more on You – help me to do that and not waste this opportunity. Instead of me sitting at home feeling sorry for myself – give me opportunities to focus on You, to learn more of You, to experience more of You – to fall in love more with You,,, Father, teach me to be dependent on You. To be totally honest with you God, I sense temptation at my door and loneliness in my heart and if this is what you meant by it not being good that we’re alone, then so I don’t disappoint you and fail in my purposes for you, I’ll watch and wait for that special person you’ve designed. On the other hand, I will use every day to grow closer to you and learn contentment if You desire me to be alone with You.

Our Analysis
Loneliness is nothing to be admired and a place that can easily lead to wrong temptation. It can even make us so anxious and impatient that we mistakenly think we’ve found God’s special person, when it wasn’t at all. The first prayer almost wallows in this kind of loneliness… and while it’s not wrong to plead for something from God – it’s shortsighted to not see what He greater designs and purposes may be. The second prayer gives God the option of doing what He sees as best… and asks that the pray-er use every opportunity to stay focused on the Lord. It admiringly lets their request be made known, but also requests that God work in their life for His sake.
Prayer #10

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Oh Lord, I just read about that big electronics show that’s coming to town. I’m so excited about it and I’d really like to find a way to gain admittance to it! All the latest and greatest equipment for home, business and school will be there and some of the greatest people in those fields will deliver presentations. God, I don’t know how you’ll do it – but please find a way to get me there, I’ll be the envy of all my associates!”

Dog Prayer: Lord, the more I see all the different people around me, the more amazed I am that we are all uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made. Even me – I seem to be “wired” for this age we live in with all the advancements in technology. I want to use the gifts you’ve given me, I want to use them to excel in every area so I can be all that You might want. The electronics show that’s coming might be one of those hallmark moments You so creatively use to open new doors of opportunity or experience… or it may just be another building block in my life… but if that’s something that would please you, something that will make even greater use of how You’ve “wired” me – then, I want to see Your hand at work to get me there. From my perspective, this seems to be a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity and if it’s one that would better prepare me for what you have in mind, I want to be there.

Our Analysis
As you can readily tell by now, the first prayer is pitifully self-centered. The pray-er wants to go to the show, because… well, just because he wants to go for self-fulfillment and to be admired. The second pray-er also wants to be there, but acknowledges that God is calling the shots. He thoroughly understands that God made him the way he is – with the abilities he has – and he recognizes God is laying the stepping stones of his life. He wants to be ready for every opportunity God may present – and he’s eager to see God’s hand in providing it so he stays in that state of dependency and awe of God at work.

Prayer #11

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, I’m in such deep debt and can’t seem to make any headway in getting back out. Two of my credit cards are already at their maximum limit, the price of gasoline keeps going up, I’ve got that payment coming due on the car and the lending rate is going up on the mortgage. I’m almost at my wits end and I don’t know what to do. Please send some help… let me win the lottery… or something! — I don’t know how things have gotten this way -What are you doing, Lord? “

Dog Prayer: Lord, I’m under a lot of financial pressure right now. I remember asking you for certain things I thought I couldn’t live without – things that would make me happy – things that I thought I needed. But, now when I look back I realize it’s only You that can given me a sense of contentment and joy. I haven’t found it in any of these things. I’m so sorry that when you said “No” to my many requests for things that wouldn’t satisfy, I turned to someone (my bank) that would say “yes”… and now I’m so heavily in debt. Father, please forgive me quest for things, my yearning for something besides you and give me wisdom and opportunity to pay back everything I owe – even if it means selling the things I bought. People know I’m a Christian and I just don’t want to discredit you by my own actions.

Our Analysis
Obviously, the first prayer isn’t concerned about God, his glory or the pray-ers own personal relationship with Him — it’s only focused on God getting them out of trouble and getting to keep everything they wanted. The second prayer accepts personal responsibility for the pray-ers own actions, submits to God and seeks to renew a right relationship with Him. The second one desires to make things right with others as well as God and fears dishonoring God’s name before others.

Prayer #12

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Father, the big play is coming up and I really, really, really want the lead role! Everyone has been telling me I’m just perfect for the character… and I’ve been preparing for this kind of occasion for years! I’m fairly confident I’ll get the part, but there’s still the chance I won’t. Oh God, what if I don’t get it? — my friends and family are counting on me getting that part! Please don’t let me disgrace them… or embarrass myself… I just want this so badly! “

Dog Prayer: Father, I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t want this part – I really, really do! But, I realize more than anything my life’s most important role isn’t before the audiences of men, but before the audience of One – You! I’ve been working to honor you with my voice, my acting skills and my persistence… and if this play is where you want me – then, I want it. But if this isn’t where I can best used by you — I’ll wait for your proper timing. Let me live my life and all its opportunities before my Audience of One — may the end of my life be like the final curtain closing and you being delighted with what you’ve seen!

Our Analysis
The first prayer is primarily concerned with what the pray-er wants and doesn’t even mention a recognition of what God may want. The motivations are purely self-centered and only focused on God fulfilling what’s on their “to-do” list. On the other hand, the second prayer admits that it has a preference for how God answers, but subjects itself to God’s will and timing. It demonstrates a recognition their life’s purpose being to please Him.

Prayer #13

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“God, I’m finally up for the big promotion I’ve been working so hard to get. It’s now between me and two other people. I’ve given up so much for this – family time, rest time and worked over-time for them to see how valuable I can be to this company. This is the opportunity that will finally get me some of the things I’ve wanted… a little more recognition, a lot more influence and maybe then my family will finally recognize that I amounted to something important!”

Dog Prayer: God, I can’t help but wonder if this is the time you’ve prepared for me. I’ve tried to work hard, be a person of character and not do anything that would bring rebuke on you. I know you raised Joseph from the prison to the palace and David from the fields to the throne… You can do anything You want! I’m just a pawn, but I desire to be Your pawn. If you choose to raise me up or keep me in the wings – that’s OK with me, I just want to be flexible and moveable according to anything that pleases you. If I’m anything to this company, it’s only because I’ve tried to use your gifting in me to its greatest potential.

Our Analysis
It can be difficult to surrender to the will of God – especially when it might differ from what we want. The first prayer shows that quite plainly… it’s a prayer based on a desire for personal gain and personal recognition and shows no sign of allowing God to move as He might want. In effect, it assumes that what the person wants is obviously God’s will. In contrast, the second prayer submits to the will and desire of God… allowing God to move them as He wills and shows a contentment with whatever positions God places them. It acknowledges God’s ability to move men from one position to another, but seeks to honor God in whatever position and timing that may entail.

Prayer #14

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, you know I’ve been a part of this church for years. I’ve served in all kinds of positions from helping to clean up to teaching classes… from one committee to another. Now my name is up for election to the governing body of the church… and you said it’s a good thing to desire to be a church leader. So, that’s what I’m desiring… there are so many good changes I could make around here…”

Dog Prayer: Father I’ve tried to follow you lead and work in any area you opened for me. Some of those I felt overly qualified for and others I found overwhelming, but You were there the whole time to teach me something new. I do desire to serve you in this church – but I don’t want to do anything or be in any position that might hurt this church, the people in it or your plan here. If I’m chosen for this position of leadership, then I want every step I take to be ordered by You… give me the mind and heart of Christ to lead with wisdom and love. And, if I’m not chosen – then please let me serve you in some other way – my heart is just one that wants to serve You.

Our Analysis
Sometimes growing up in a church can give a person a sense of entitlement to help run it so that we almost believe that our years of attendance and membership are the qualification for leadership. This is far from the truth of Scripture. The Cat prayer nearly announces that this position is “owed” to them and they give no indication that the plans they are devising for the church are plans that have been crafted with God. The second prayer demonstrates a reliance on God in the past and in the days to come…. it shows a heart of servant-hood to God and there is no better qualification for leadership within the church.


Prayer #15

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Oh Lord, I love this kind of praise music! This is so much better than the old hymns we used to sing… I can dance in the aisles to this! I think I’d like to play in a praise band or be one of the praise leaders here. My voice is pretty good and I can just see myself up there playing away on the drums! Lord, thanks for finally giving us some music for today’s young people. “

Dog Prayer: Oh Lord, my heart can praise you so much more now… it’s like my spirit has been set free to honor and glorify you for your majesty with this new music! Thank you for allowing my passion for you to demonstrate itself through this kind of worship. I long to be used by you in this way – to use the talents you’ve given me to help others experience this kind of freedom in exalting Your name!

Our Analysis
Neither prayer strongly asks God for anything, but the first one tends to mention very self-directed comments and pleasures from dancing in the aisle to being “up there”. The first prayer thanks God for the music that appeals to themselves. The second prayer graciously accepts this new music – not for themselves, but for how it opens their heart for a renewing relationship with God… it’s one that allows and draws their heart to worship… and it’s willing to be used by God to help others experience the same thing.

Prayer #16

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Oh Lord… I can’t stand this new music in church! You probably are even having a hard time hearing my prayer because their music is so loud! This just isn’t my style… what happened to the old hymns You and I both loved for so long? I’m not even sure this stuff IS music… how can these young people call this worship? — It just sounds more like just some old wild, loud, entertainment to me.”

Dog Prayer: Lord, if you can hear me through this… I hope you are enjoying it like these young folks are. I didn’t grow up with this kind of music, but God help me to remember that You inhabit the praise of your people… and it does sound like they are praising you! If this is what it takes to bring another generation to worship you – then, turn it up louder (and excuse me while I turn my hearing aide down a little more)! God, give these young folks a heart for you – may they enjoy it and may they fall greater and deeper in love with You!

Our Analysis
The first prayer isn’t so much a prayer as it is a personal complaint. The pray-er has probably conveniently forgotten the music they grew up with grated on their parent’s nerves too. In fact, the “holy hymns” this person misses so much may well have been one of the old bar-songs given new life through a series of Christian words! The 2nd prayer doesn’t hide the fact that this music isn’t suited to their preferences – in fact, they can’t relate at all to it, BUT – they take solace in the fact that GOD just might enjoy it… and He certainly enjoys the new generation enjoying Him.

Prayer #17

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Oh Dear God… I just don’t know what to do or what to think. My child was raised the best way we knew how. They went to church every week, they know right from wrong… and yet, now we hear this crazy idea that they are Gay. Oh Lord, if word of this leaks out, what will our friends say? – What will the others at church think about it? – Oh God, I’m just so embarrassed!”

Dog Prayer: Oh Lord, we just received distressing news today. Our child has proclaimed themselves to be Gay. So many people have known them to be Christian – so many remember when they professed faith in you… and now they bring a huge question mark to Your name and Your reputation. Not only will they do that, but we – and the church family – will to depending on how we respond to this. Give us wisdom, teach us to respond the way You would. Give us hearts that reach out – but don’t allow us to compromise Your standards and Your Word…

Our Analysis
Both prayers exhibit the heart of parent in distress… both are concerned about reputations. But, the first prayer seems only concerned about their own reputation, while the second one is focused on God’s reputation. The second one goes further and asks God for the right response… recognizing that how they respond will also have a bearing on God’s name.

Prayer #18

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, I guess I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but I was just informed that I’m pregnant and I don’t even know who the father is. I don’t know what to do… and I’m so young… I’ve got my whole life in front of me! How can I take care of a baby? What will my parents say? Where will I get the money? “

Dog Prayer: Oh Lord, my heart can praise you so much more now… it’s like my spirit has been set free to honor and glorify you for your majesty with this new music! Thank you for allowing my passion for you to demonstrate itself through this kind of worship. I long to be used by you in this way – to use the talents you’ve given me to help others experience this kind of freedom in exalting Your name!

Our Analysis
Neither prayer strongly asks God for anything, but the first one tends to mention very self-directed comments and pleasures from dancing in the aisle to being “up there”. The first prayer thanks God for the music that appeals to themselves. The second prayer graciously accepts this new music – not for themselves, but for how it opens their heart for a renewing relationship with God… it’s one that allows and draws their heart to worship… and it’s willing to be used by God to help others experience the same thing.

Prayer #19

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“God, my heart hurts so much!! We’ve tried and tried to have a baby and this time we thought we were successful, but the doctor has told us of the abnormality and the life-long complications this baby will have – if it even survives. This isn’t what we planned for and I know this isn’t what you designed either. Is abortion really wrong? – I mean, the Bible doesn’t actually mention it… and I’m not sure the baby is really a life yet anyway… “

Dog Prayer: God, our hearts are hurting so much! Now I think I’m beginning to understand what you must have felt when your Creation fell from perfection and into such a sinful state. Thank you for not abandoning us when we weren’t perfect. Thank you for your patience with us because sin has left a life-long scar on us and the price you had to pay to correct it was so costly. In this time of not knowing what to do… may we use this suffering to relate to You and to show others Your heart…

Our Analysis
As you can see, these two prayers aren’t much different from the 18 before it… it’s just that the ramifications and “size” of the problem seems so much more larger. In an age when medicine and science can open so many new options on how to fix things, it’s only the Dog that will long to please God in spite of what it may cost themselves. The first prayer begins to fudge a little and doubt God’s word and seems to assume that what is good for them must be God’s will too. The second prayer seeks to relate life’s most difficult circumstances to God Himself.

Prayer #20

How could this Cat prayer be changed to focus on God’s glory?

“Lord, I just heard the news report about the shooting downtown and how many innocent lives were taken! Oh God, how can people get to such a place they do things like that? It seems that none of us are safe anymore… If it’s not snipers shooting people getting gas, it could be a student in a school, a worker walking into any workplace or even someone taking people in a church hostage! God, I’m so scared — please help us find a place to go where life can be the way you intended and the way we want!”

Dog Prayer: Lord, with every news report we hear more and more about the depravity of mankind. You warned us that times would evidence that very thing — and Your word tells us this wasn’t your design. God, you asked us to be the salt of the earth… we haven’t kept it from decaying. You asked us to be the light of the world… but it’s growing darker. God, please don’t abandon us… call us out and raise us up to proclaim Justice. Give us a determination to set right examples, to reach out to victims and offer comfort. It’s difficult to see your glory shining through this kind of darkness — so empower and equip us. Give us wisdom of thought, comfort of heart and firmness of spirit. God – send your Holy Spirit to give the world a conscience again…

Our Analysis
It’s true, the latter days will show the fall of man in more obvious ways. Crime upon the public isn’t a stranger to history though — every generation has a time of crisis. Could some of it be avoided if believers lived the life of faith instead of just studying about it? — Maybe. The first prayer shows the condition of mankind, but it also exhibits an attitude of escape and only asks God to relieve them of their fears, while the second assumes some personal responsibility for some events and then asks God to demonstrate His glory through the darkness of the sin of man.

Other Prayers

Before beginning this section we want you to understand two things:

1) Our aim is to help you discern the difference between Cat and Dog prayers so your prayers grow in maturity. We hope you’ll become so sensitive to the difference that when you hear a Cat prayer, you’ll immediately know how to correct it. We also want you to spot the difference between giving God our gratitude and giving Him glory.

Gratitude is a “thank you” for what you did for ME… therefore even though it is giving thanks to God, it’s based on what He did for ME. Glory is a “praise you” for who You are… and therefore it is entirely focused on Him. Therefore, giving thanks could be considered “Cat-natured” while praise is “Dog-natured”.

2) We are NOT saying that you should not have Cat components in your prayers. Jesus DID say to cast all your care on Him, He DOES want you to ask the Father for your daily bread — these things are not wrong. But if they are our primary focus most of the time then it would be difficult to consider ourselves God-centered. Remember Cat Theology is not incorrect, but it is incomplete.


Dear God, Wow the sunset was glorious in color this morning. My eyes were wide taking in the beauty of it all. I realize you didn’t have to make it that way, but you did, for our enjoyment! Who, but You, would have thought of something like that?


Lord, as I looked at our finances for the coming month, once again I’m running short. My credit card bills are higher than normal and so are the utilities, not to mention my new car payment. Please Lord, let me see your glory through the provision of our needed funds. I’ll go fishing, if necessary, so you can provide a coin in a fish’s mouth like you did for Peter!


Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

To live in His glory, to behold his Light,

There’s nothing in which I’d rather delight.


Lord, for the food we are about to eat, we are incredibly thankful. You never seem to miss a beat in providing for our daily necessities. In fact, we are grateful for all the luxury you’ve provided for us beyond the mere necessities. May your glory be shown to others who see Your hand at work… may others be drawn to Your kindness and grace – for You ARE a gracious King!


God, our son has wandered far from you. We did the best we could in setting the right examples and taking him to church, but his chosen life-style is an embarrassment to us. Please bring him back to you so his life will be one rich in righteousness. And through his testimony, may others see Your patience, Your loving-kindness and may others seek after a renewed relationship with You.


Dear God – this church hasn’t grown a bit in the last 10 years. The people are complacent and the place beginning to show its age. I’m tired of preaching and seeing no change. I’m weary of begging and seeing no improvement. I’m frustrated with policies, procedures, plans and programs. God, this can’t be where you wanted me to be – please rescue me from this place and let me serve somewhere else.


Oh Lord, our marriage has been falling apart for the past several years. Marriage counseling hasn’t helped, talking with friends hasn’t helped and my prayers for my partner haven’t seemed to help either. I don’t know if I can take another day of this! But, for the sake of your name, would you NOW restore us… provoke our hearts for each other lest our circumstances disgrace You! So many people know we are Christians and if we can’t work this out – how will that reflect on You?


Father, You know about the possible promotion I could get at work. Surely, nothing is too great for You… and I’m putting my trust in You. If you allow me that promotion I could have so much more influence for you. I could be like Joseph who you brought up from the dungeon to the throne… I could be like David who you picked up out of the pasture and brought him to the palace… or I could be like Gideon who you took from the winepress and made a great leader of him!


Lord, we want to see you do a miracle here in our church! Our church has been in debt for years and our budget has just barely been met. We need to pay off the existing debts so we can build a new worship center. I know you don’t live in places built by men, but men do have a way of judging a ministry by it’sYou. If we can get out of our past debts – and bring more people in to the new center, then we can dedicate our resources to missions and taking Your name to people of other tongues, tribes and nations. God, help us draw a larger choir of praise-givers for You! facilities. God, we want to put our best foot forward so there are no obstacles in bringing others to

PRAYER #10 (It’s actually a song from the 60’s by Ralph Carmichael )

In the stars His handiwork I see,
On the wind He speaks with majesty,
Though He ruleth over land and sea,
What is that to me?
I will celebrate Nativity,
For it has a place in history,
Sure, He came to set His people free,
What is that to me?

Till by faith I met Him face to face,
and I felt the wonder of His grace,
Then I knew that He was more than just a
God who didn’t care,
That lived a way out there and

Now He walks beside me day by day,
Ever watching o’er me lest I stray,
Helping me to find that narrow way,
He’s Everything to me.

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