#1 Brief Information On Prayer

Did you know there are different kinds of prayer? Did you know there are different parts to prayer? And there are different postures and requirements for prayer. Because the eight week video series was limited in time, much of this did not get into the series. Look here to learn more about prayer in general!

download Brief Information On Prayer (pdf)

#2 161 Prayers of Intercession in the Bible

In our video teaching, we speak of 161 intercessory prayers found in the Bible. Click on the link below and find out where those prayers are and see how we broke them down into various categories!

download 161 Prayers of Intercession in the Bible (pdf)


#3 Prayers Answered “No”

Also in our teaching, we spoke of 11 prayers that were answered no. Here they are in text form along with scripture referencing other reasons why God might say “no” to our prayers.

download Prayers Answered “No” (pdf)

#4 Commands to Pray and Prayers of Intercession

Did you know that God has commanded us to pray for specific things? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what those are? And wouldn’t it be nice to see examples of others who have interceded before God and learn from them. Again, here is more material that never made it into the video series. Go here to learn about this and more!

download Commands to Pray and Prayers of Intercession (pdf)


#5 Praying God’s Word

Many times we know we need to pray and we don’t know what words to say or don’t know how to start. One way to pray is to pray with scripture. God has provided His Word for reading, studying and praying. As you read scripture using proper biblical interpretation and principles, and in proper context, and pray according to God’s will and with the leading of the Holy Spirit, your prayer life will grow and become more personal and more exciting. Here are a few examples of how to pray with God’s Word.

#6 Other’s Material

A man by the name of Dr. Ralph F. Wilson has compiled a list of great prayers from the Bible. Go here to see this thumbnail sketches of which prayers are great and why. And walk with him through a study of those prayers!

download Great Prayers of the Bible (pdf)


#7 Other’s Material: Significant Prayers of the Bible

The Ministry of Where God Builds Disciples has composed significant prayers of the Bible and divided them into Old Testament ones and New Testament Ones. This information will enhance your personal study time, be useful for educating your children or small group studies or Sunday School Classes.

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